Jim Jum Claypot Steamboat at Aroy Jing Jing ORTO

Jim Jum จิ้มจุ่ม,  or otherwise known as Chim Chum, is a popular hotpot Street Food originating from Isaan (North-eastern Thailand).Aroy Jing Jing Orto Jim Jum Claypot 1

The name Chim Chum literally describes its cooking method; Chim means to “dip in” while Chum means to “drop”.

Unlike the usual steamboat or hot pot we eat using electricity or gas canister , Jim Jum is served in a claypot over red hot burning charcoal.

The platter below (Fish Fillet, Pork Belly, Pork Collar, Squid, Fishball), together with a basket of vegetables is suitable for 2 pax.Aroy Jing Jing Orto Jim Jum Claypot 3

To begin, wait for the chicken broth (with herbs) to boil. If you enjoy the Basil flavour, don’t forget to throw the Basil Leaves into the pot at the beginning.

Aroy Jing Jing Orto Jim Jum Claypot 2

Once the broth is boiling, (personal suggestion) throw the vegetables into the pot, even if you don’t plan to eat them! Boiling vegetables (Kang Kong and Chinese Cabbage) will enhance the flavour of the soup.

Aroy Jing Jing Orto Jim Jum Claypot 4

Next, you can start dipping and dropping various meat and seafood into the claypot. Please remember to not overcook the meat as it might end up being a little tough.

Pair your food with their special dipping sauce which is slightly sweet with a tinge of spiciness. Alternatively, the famous 3-level-spicy chilli that most Mookata lovers are familiar with is available too.

I ordered an add-on of glass noodles and cooked it towards the end, where the soup is at its best. The glass noodles was very delicious as it soaked up all the essence and flavour of the soup and we almost finished the entire pot.

Although we were feeling rather full from all the soup, we couldn’t resist saying no to desserts. We chose the two top favourites – Mango Sticky Rice and Coconut Ice Cream.

The coconut ice cream comes with sweet corn and peanut topping. You can also add-on other toppings like red ruby, red bean and grass jelly.Aroy Jing Jing Orto Coconut Ice Cream


Aroy Jing Jing is located at 81 Lorong Chencharu #01-05 ORTO Singapore 769198. Opening hours: Tuesdays to Thursdays (1700 to 0000), Friday (1700 to 0200), Saturdays (1200 to 0200) & Sundays (1200 to 0000); closed on Mondays.

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Do follow their facebook page for more updates.

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