Red Dynasty Paintball Park

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Unit Number:  #01-14
Opening Hours: Permanently closed
Contact: (+65) 6659 4782
(+65) 6755 7537
(+65) 6659 8095

Paintball is an excellent team-building activity where all participants of all ages*, genders and fitness levels can participate in and play. Paintball at Red Dynasty Paintball Park is fun, healthy and safe to play. After a tough week of work or examinations, splattering your friends and colleagues with paintballs is a good stress reliever for anyone!

The key objectives of a paintball team-building event are to:

  • To encourage discussions and open communications among the teams.
  • To build strong camaraderie among staff.
  • To build strong team spirit in the organization through the various challenges in games of paintball.
  • To develop self-confidence in participants and teams through idea contributions, trials and implementation.
  • To overcome obstacles and counter the “war plan” of the “enemies” through team strategizing and battling of wits among teams.
  • To experience an exciting and unique team-building activity where all can participate!

With our top expertise in team-building and healthy lifestyle promotion through paintball, you can be assured that you will be in good hands and just have to think about who is really your ally or foe in your paintball games with us! Fighting!

Advance reservations required. Reservations are only confirmed upon payment of deposit and acknowledgement from our reservations department.

* Participants must be 14 years old and above. Persons who are 14 years of age or above and below the age of 18 years are required to produce written parental consent before they are allowed to play any game in these premises.