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Unit Number:  #01-04
Opening Hours: Sun – Thu: 1700-0000
Fri & Sat: 1700-0100
Last Order would be 1 hour before closing time
Contact: +65 6257 5198


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Ala Carte Mookata Buffet (Weekday Dinner – 120 minutes; Weekend Lunch – 100 Minutes)

Enjoy unlimited plates of signature meats including Pork Collar, Chicken Thigh and Pork Belly which has been our top sellers for 5 consecutive years! Premium marinates, seasonings and condiments are used in the highest quality food we offer.

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120 minutes – Dinner only (5:00PM-00:00)
Monday to Thursday – (Adult) $25.90++ (Child between 1 to 1.3m) $8.50++
Fridays, eve of Public Holidays, Public Holidays – additional $3++ surcharge

100 Minutes – Lunch only (12:00-3:30PM)
Saturday & Sunday – (Adult) $28.90++ (Child between 1 to 1.3m) $12.50++


How to Mookata?

A fragrant morsel of lard is first hoisted on the top of the dome, then left to swathe the surface with a slick for grilling the meats and seafood. The blistered lardons are the highlight of Mookata; pop the unctuous cubes into your mouth and let them erupt with a satisfying crunch.

The meal begins like any ordinary barbecue, but only with extraordinary charcoal. Underneath your grilling grate lies a special type of white charcoal, termed “binchô-tan” – noteworthy for its ability to cook ingredients thoroughly to a beautiful sear. This means that it retains maximum flavour without charring.

What goes on my grill?

Only the very best offerings here at Mookata! Carefully handpicked and prepared with plenty of love, our lusciously sinewy chicken thighs are a hit with the young and old. Beef is deftly sliced only from the best cuts of the cow, making sure it sears superbly on your domed grill. If these don’t already have your taste buds buzzing, add our signature pork carvings to the irresistible league of meats. Our star marbled pork collar roasts gently on the grill for that meltingly succulent texture, while our pork belly is so scrumptiously plump; you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other rendition that sizzles into this fall-off-the-fork-tender goodness.

First of it’s kind in Singapore, Mookata’s dedicated exhaust system has got you covered; all that smoky indulgence and less odour! Indeed, it’s every barbecue-fanatic’s dream come true. Let your taste buds explore the five fundamental flavors of spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter with Mookata’s spread of authentic traditional Thai dishes. Mookata’s traditional Thai charcoal BBQ serves specially marinated meat with their specialty of a variety home-made chilli dipping sauces. Wash down all those flavors with Mookata’s special Thai Ice Tea that is sweet and refreshing, a great finish to a fabulous meal.

Control your salivation and try to keep the floors dry when you get a waft of the food’s strong aromatic smell a couple of blocks away from their restaurant.